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Born in Grand Falls, New-Brunswick   

Her interest for art began when she was just a kid.  Early in life she was drawn to art.  She liked drawing, collage, modelling clay and sewing.  She never thought having enough talent to be an artist.  One day she met this artist who told her: “you don’t need to be perfect in drawing to be able to paint, you just need to try it and have faith in yourself”.
So it is in the 1980’s that she started oil painting and she loved it.  She pursued taking classes and workshops with different local and renowned artists. 
Later she tried other mediums such as drawing, ink, watercolor, pastel, and acrylic.  She experimented with clay which permitted her to learn a lot of modeling techniques.
The last years were mostly dedicated to Acrylic and texture.  Her work has been exhibited at the SNB Art Gallery in Grand Falls, at the <Rendez-Vous des artistes> of St-Leonard, NB, the <Symposium d’arts visuels du Nord-Ouest> and more recently took part in the annual event called Mindscapes 2015. Her work is exhibited at the NB Museum in Saint John, NB for the month of October 2015.
She is inspired by what is important to her; children, flowers, and landscapes.

Available Art (Click on photos to see details)

Hummingbird and Sunflowers - Texture and acrylic -8 X 10 - $80.00 Hummingbird and Coneflower - Texture and acrylic -8 X 10 - $80.00 Sunset at Peggy's Cove - Texture and acrylic - 12 X 30 - $360.00 Daisies - Texture and acrylic - 12 X 12 - $140.00 Oriental poppies II - Texture and acrylic - 16 X 8 - $120.00 White poppies - Texture and acrylic - 20 X 16 - $250.00

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