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What is it?

A health passport through the practice of creative arts.




Make contact with your inner life, your dreams and your unconscious. Stimulate imagination, thought, intuition, emotions. Express yourself to reduce stress. Improve self-confidence.

For who?

Sick - disabled - struggling with chronic pain or motor problems - depression - trauma - cancer - mourning - divorce - for all those who want to reinforce their creativity and self-expression. As this program costs money, we started in March 2015 a 50/50 Lotto whose profits are used to put in place the appropriate structures for the clientele. Customers who, for the most part, do not have big financial means.

A big thank you to the people who already have a lottery number. For those who want to buy some, here is the list of locations to do so.


Blues’s Printing
182A Portage Road
Grand Falls, NB
Crystal Flooring
519 Main Street
Grand Falls, NB
Da-Li Gallery
582 Basin West Street
Grand Falls,NB
Mario G. LaPointe
85 Broadway Boulevard
Grand Falls, NB
Paulette Violette
Merritt Press
208 Main Street
Grand Falls, NB
The draws are done every week on radio K 93.

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